Technical Services: Minimize Downtime & add peace of mind.

Usonian has Equipment Maintenance and Technical Service Options to suit your business



Roasting operations and Cafe's are full of coffee equipment that needs to be installed, maintained, moved, or repaired.

Usonian has expert technicians strategically placed across the continent to be there when you need us.  We have worked with numerous roasting facilities over the years to build comprehensive maintenance plans, rebuild roasters, customize equipment, emergency service, uncrating & assembly, roaster commissioning, and anything between. Our expert technicians also have experience with a variety of cafe equipment as well.

Need to move your facility?

At Usonian, we know how stressful a move can be.  Let us take care of moving your equipment. We will disassemble, crate, prep to move, then re-assemble everything at the new site. We can even develop a comprehensive maintenance plan for your new facility. 


Usonian's expert technicians have manufacturer factory training, have gained invaluable job-site experience, worked on a variety of projects and can tackle any projects, big or small, with the dedication and care you are looking for.

Whether you have been operating for years, or have yet to have your equipment delivered for your new venture, we are here to help.

Our services include:

  • Uncrating & Assembly
  • Commissioning roasters
  • Equipment crating & facility moves
  • Emergency service
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Refurbishing & Rebuilding Roasters
  • Refurbishing & Rebuilding Espresso Machines
  • Equipment Customization
  • Cropster Integration
  • Exhaust Venting Install (some project limitations exist)

Some of our previous projects include:

  • The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room
    • Exhaust Venting
    • Roaster Assembly
  • Black River Roasters
    • Uncrating & Assembly of S15 Loring, Crating and move prep for Diedrich IR12 + afterburner
    • Exhaust Venting
  • Palm Coffee Roasters
    • Refurbish one of two ever built SF150


Contact us for a project consultation, we can assist you with virtually any and every aspect of your coffee operation.  Our team is made up of innovative seasoned industry veterans who have "been there and done that" and used their expertise to help many coffee operations across the country and around the world.

Operationally, Usonian also helps with  menu development, pricing models, sales, P&L, labor, inventory, purchases, ordering process, consumable products, F.S.M.A. plans, rent as well as virtually every other hard cost you might encounter.

Roaster Refurbishment

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