Coffee Storage & Handling

We have innovative solutions for your roasting facility.

Working closely with you and our world-class suppliers, we can meet all your material handling needs, from cutting-edge conveyors for green or roasted coffee, to affordable bins that can be installed straight into your pallet racking.

Our partnership with Sovda Coffee gives you access to R&D that resulted in an innovative coffee handling system specifically designed for roasting operations that have a 15 kg to 90 kg roaster.

Beginning with their optical sorter, Pearl Mini, you are able to remove any unwanted material from green or roasted coffee, including quakers from roasted, or black beans from green coffee.  Sovda's unique approach to transporting coffee comes with their 'Lifts' that are air driven, plus have a bagging system that can weigh out from grams to 5 lb bags.  Couple this with the Nitro Flush band sealer, and we can cover you from green delivery to roasted to your customer. Sovda is constantly producing new and innovative solutions, and at Usonian we are looking forward to their next product launch!

Our coffee handling equipment will take care of the day-to-day and let you focus on what you do best—growing your business.

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