Coffee Operation Consulting Services: Maximize and Grow

Learning from the successes and mistakes of others is less expensive in the long run than learning at your own expense so finding a good consultant is imperative.  Whether you are a coffee shop owner, planning a new specialty coffee operation, a manager, or barista you want to maximize and grow your sales and business profits.


Usonian offers new business consulting services, concept/brand development, bar design layout, menu development and equipment sourcing consulting services. Whether you want to have your prospective coffee shop location evaluated, lease negotiation strategy reviewed or want to discuss or review any other issue, Usonian’s independent, experienced and unbiased consultants help you prevent costly mistakes and enhance your decision making process for better results.  Consulting can be done over the phone or via e-mail if travel is not required for your facility or prospective site.

When is it Time for a Turnaround?

Stabilizing a single-unit specialty coffee operation or even turning around a drifting coffee shop chain requires a combination of management experience, operations expertise, financial and marketing expertise and business management experience and leadership.


Usonian's passion is coffee and we understand how to run a profitable, efficient and successful coffee and espresso operation.  Usonian's consultants come with an unbiased and independent approach always careful to recommend the right equipment and operational advice for each unique situation because no two businesses or even locations are exactly alike.

Our consultants can assist you with virtually any and every aspect of your coffee operation.  Our team is made up of innovative seasoned industry veterans who have "been there and done that" and used their expertise to help many coffee operations across the country and around the world.

Usonian's expertise and focus is vast covering marketing and cost reduction strategies, profit enhancement and sales growth.  Operationally, Usonian also helps with  menu development, pricing models, sales, P&L, labor, inventory, purchases, ordering process, consumable products, waste and recycling plans, rent as well as virtually every other hard cost you might encounter.